Blueberry Farm is excited to present this aristocratic P.R.E. with many unique qualities.
Gomero III is not available at stud. Offsprings coming soon from qualified mares at Blueberry Farm!

Gomero III offers a high octane performance pedigree highlighted by a long list of remarkable stallions. His sire is black PRE stallion BOTERO, bred by the renown Marques de Velilla stud. The Velilla stud is well known for their quality performance breeding program and it is rare to find one of their horses in the USA. Botero’s sire, Fabuloso XIII (1979), was bred by JOSE LUIS de la ESCALERA and represents his successful breeding cross with the YM stallion Jecomais.
Botero’s dam descends primarily from the Cartujano lines of Robert Osborne and Urquijo.

On the dam’s side, ISLEÑA XXXI, comes from equally impressive lines, infusing the top performance producers Lebrijano III and Vinatero III from her sire Templaor. Her dam is a masterful blend from Yeguada Militar, Escalera and Fernando (Paco) Lazo, with 5 crosses to Maluso and going back to the finest old Cartujano lines from the early 1900s.

When you first meet Gomero III, you are immediately struck by his commanding presence and statuesque self carriage. His impressive 17.1H size and excellent bone substance are just the beginning of many attributes he will bring to his foals. The Spanish inspection has scored him very well on his proportions, indicating his balanced conformation, giving him high marks for length of leg, neck, shoulder and back.

Gomero III has an easy going personality, he is an affectionate gentleman with excellent manners. His prolific mane and tail and gleaming coat are the finishing polish on this fantastic stallion. Gomero’s sire is black and he may produce black, chestnut or bay depending on the coat color of the mare.

Age: 9

Gender: Male

Color: Bay

Height: 1,71 hands

  • 9

  • Male
  • Bay
  • 17,1 hands